The parents association USE YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL

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Use Your Local School is a parents association that works in three of the most multicultural areas of Copenhagen.

Our main objectives are:
  • To work to ensure that an increasing number of parents in the local districts choose the municipal school.
  • To work to ensure, that the ethnic and social mix of students in municipal schools in all areas of Copenhagen, reflect the ethnic and social mix of the population of Copenhagen.
  • To be a forum for debate and discussion of questions of common interest to parents of current and future school children.
Our activities:
  • Parents networks. We organize networks at the schools we work with. We bring the parents together, so they can get to know each other and enroll their children together.
  • Communication. Besides this website we also send out newsletters telling the good stories from the schools, and we are on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We develop methods and ways to increase the recruitment of new pupils in schools and reduce the dropout. And we help the schools implement these methods.
  • We help schools improve and boost the parental cooperation, for example by arranging workshops for the parents.
  • Cultural activities and meetings at schools. We make theatres for children and dialog meetings for the parents.
  • Visits in kindergartens. Volunteer parents from the local schools visit kindergartens to tell the parents about their personal experiences with the schools.
  • Participation in local markets and community festivals. Here volunteer parens talk to other parents about the local school.
  • Debate and meeting with politicians. We meet politicians and urge them and the administration to design solutions that counteract the social and ethnic segregation and urge them to listen to and use parents’ experiences.
  • In 2010 we participated in International Perspectives on Countering School Segregation.